Marine Trading Estate, Leeds

Location: Stourton, Leeds
Client: Baytree Logistics Properties
Client’s Project Manager: KAM Project Consultants Ltd
Value: £1,100,000
Timescale: April 2022 to November 2022
Scope: The asbestos removal, soft-strip, demolition and site clearance of former offices and warehouses with extensive ground remediation.

Project Background

The project consisted of the demolition of a three-storey office block four large streel-framed warehouses with several other smaller outbuildings.  The warehouse buildings covered 14,500m2 with the whole site covering a total of 95,000m2, the majority of which contained extensive concrete slab.

Demolition Methodology

The site was split in to two teams – a demolition team and a grubbing up team.  The demolition team systematically demolished the warehouse structures bay by bay with our high reach demolition excavator fitted with a steel shear with a team of smaller demolition excavators working alongside processing the resultant material.  The grubbing up team worked in tandem, initially breaking our and grubbing up the extensive concrete slab, followed by a team to process (munch) the resultant concrete making it ready for the crushing team. The demolition arisings were crushed to 6F2 standard product and left on site in various stockpiles for the follow-on contractor to use in the redevelopment of the site.

Live Services

Two sets of overhead electrical pylons ran across the site and, although most of the demolition was a safe distance away from these, there was a 40m high floodlight tower situated close to one of the cable runs.  After close liaison with Northern PowerGrid, we arranged for them to isolate the electrical cable run closest to the floodlight tower, temporarily re-routing the electricity, which allowed us to pull over the floodlight tower safely away from the pylon.

Material Testing

Due to the large amount of material processed on site and previous underground tanks and asbestos present on site, an extensive programme of material testing was carried out to test for any contaminants as well as grading of the resultant material.