Cooper House, Manchester

Location: Manchester City Centre
Client: Wilson Bowden Developers
CDM Coordinator: Wilson Bowden Developers
Engineering Consultant: Healey Brown Partnership
Timescale: June 2006 to January 2007
Scope: The soft-strip, deconstruction, demolition and site clearance of a seven-storey office building with basement car park. Site adjacent to Lloyds TSB business centre with office buildings on all other sides.

Building Construction

Derby House and Cheshire House were seven-storey office buildings adjacent to Cooper House, a five-storey office building.  There was a basement car park beneath all blocks and two network sub-stations that had to remain live throughout the demolition works.  In addition, Derby House was directly adjacent to the Lloyds TSB Business Centre.

Demolition Method

Full height scaffolding was erected to all floors with monarflex sheeting and boarding to the top lifts. The top floors were deconstructed using mini-diggers and bobcats with debris deposited down the lift shaft. The whole of the section adjacent the Lloyds TSB Business Centre was also deconstructed in this manner. The lower floors were demolished using Liebherr 954 long reach demolition excavator fitted with a concrete pulverisor and 360o rotation once the scaffolding had been dismantled. A substantial remedial kingpost system was installed below ground level to retain road & pavement integrity for the subsequent construction work.

Environmental Considerations

Throughout the sensitive phases of the demolition, noise and vibration monitors were place at strategic locations around the site boundary to ensure we were not causing any undue inconvenience to our neighbours.