Queen’s Park Tower Blocks, Blackpool

Location: Blackpool
Client: Lovell Partnerships Ltd
Client’s Project Manager: Peter Lewis
Value: £1,400,000
Timescale: February 2016 to October 2016
Scope: The soft-strip, demolition and site clearance of three residential tower blocks using controlled explosives.

Demolition Background

The three tower blocks consisted of two blocks of 17 storeys and one block of 23 storeys were situated in the Queen’s Park residential area of Blackpool. Due to the nature of the structures, it was agreed that the safest method for demolition would be to use controlled explosives.

Demolition Method

The blocks were thoroughly soft-stripped, followed by pre-weakening, drilling, wrapping and charging the blocks with explosives. Throughout the process environmental monitoring was carried out (dust, vibration & noise) to ensure that no undue inconvenience was being caused to our neighbours.

Blowdown Methodology

Blowdown day was Sunday 31st July and, once all the neighbouring residents within the designed exclusion zone had been evacuated, the blast was activated at 10:30am with all three tower blocks falling as predicted. Once the all clear had been given by the command team, residents were quickly allowed to return to their homes.

Remediation Work

The demolition material arising from the work was crushed on site and used in the redevelopment of the site.

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